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Mixing Paper and Fabric Is One of the Top 5 Trends

Cloth Paper Scissors Embellishments (Issue 94) says that mixing paper and fabric is one of the top 5 mixed media trends right now. Wow . . . and I thought I was the only one who has gone bonkers over paper quilts.

I have never been accused of being trendy. My feet have enjoyed an extended stay in comfortable shoes (no, that is not a synonym for unattractive). I would always rather play in my basement studio than go shopping. I can’t tell you which colors are in this year. Sometimes I forget to comb my hair all day. When I come up from my studio for air (or water or food), my next usual activity is a stimulating book, or an art DVD.

However, it seems that fate has, nevertheless, plunked me smack dab in the middle of an art trend, despite my groundhog-like tendencies. I do live in the same province as the now deceased Wiarton Willie. I am not a native of Ontario, which is perhaps why I always considered it a little peculiar that a groundhog could garner so much attention and publicity. Perhaps he was plunked in a trend by fate as well. Because of this insight, I shall endeavor to be more compassionate towards the trendy. I confess that I have usually found trendiness to be rather confusing: why would anyone want to dress, decorate, talk, think, or make art like everybody else? So you see my dilemma. I would drop the paper quilt thing like a hot potato, but just because it is a very popular hot potato doesn’t mean I shouldn’t like it! I actually LOVE paper quilting: it suits the way I create so fittingly, so cunningly, so perfectly. I move from process to process quite seamlessly (except for the seams I sew, of course) and you might actually catch me whistling as I work. So I am not going to allow this unusual trendiness to alarm me.

Did you know that when groundhogs are alarmed, they whistle?

Hand painted cloth

Hand painted cloth

“I wonder if illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup?’”

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