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Meet Yourself

Balance and prayer are self-confrontational. Behind the muscular and spiritual exertion there must be a point of effortless calm. At that point you meet yourself. (p.75) ~The Quiet Girl, by Peter Høeg

This quote applies so beautifully to art. Muscles and spirit work in tandem, and exert themselves until the miracle happens and the artist reaches a point of effortless calm, where she simply knows and flows.

As a child, I remember hearing the song “There is a balm in Gilead, to make the wounded whole.” I had no idea where Gilead was, but the word balm has always stayed with me.  A balm washes over you like a refreshing breeze, comforts you like a good massage. Calm is the ultimate balm. Some only know about the calm before the storm, but this is the calm that hold even IN the storm.

Seeking Clarity

Seeking Clarity

At the confluence

of effort and surrender

a column of silence

stands. Its walls

cannot keep you

out, they are


of light.

Enter the calm

and as your inner

eyes adjust you will

realize your own


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