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Meet Half Way

Compromise is over-rated.

We are always being told to compromise, to meet others half way, to make sure we get along.

Wouldn’t it be better if we were told it is absolutely fine to be ourselves, that we should NOT compromise on those things that were essential to our being?

I always wanted my parents to let go and let me go. By “let go,” I mean do their own thing, not the things that were expected of them.

Sometimes they managed, but usually the opinions of others were too overwhelming. It became impossible to buck the flow of whatever group they were part of. It’s like one sheep telling the others to flock off.

Does that sound sadly familiar? How many people are joyfully engaged in what they really want to do? How many people even know what that is after years of doing what they think they should?

Meet in the Middle

I certainly hope YOU know what you really REALLY need to do to make your heart sing, or are at least actively engaged in finding out.

I’m listening.

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