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Mary and Max and the Struggle to Embrace Imperfection

I watched the movie Mary and Max this weekend. Twice.

This clay animated film (think Up) has some great narration, including Toni Collette and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Bethany Whitmore was incredible as the young Mary.

Voice actors have traditionally been so underrated, but celebrity voice actors are the “new sound of animation.”

This is not a film for children. It portrays a somewhat dark, even macabre outlook on life. But it is balanced by laugh-out-loud humor, and the crazy, quirky ways of human kindness. Do yourself a favor and watch this along with someone else who has a bent towards being disappointed because things never turn out as perfectly as they think things should.

Let’s face it: when it comes to whether we should embrace our imperfection, do we really have an alternative?

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