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Margi Hennen has a new home . . . on the Internet!

You have searched my site and combed the Internet because you are intrigued by doll maker extraordinaire, Margi Hennen. Well, she now has a site of her own!

Web Design by TrueFaux

View some of her Classic Dolls (starting with Diana and her tit bag: I offer no explanations–go and see for yourself), New Stuff (I fell in love with Watching Woman), and Goings On (through which you may be lucky enough to connect with this modern day jester).

Margi’s site is only five days old, so click over and say “Hello,” as a homewarming gift. I guarantee you will be amazed and amused. Beware, however, because you may also be challenged to question certain ideas that you hold dear (bright yellow polka dots notwithstanding).

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