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Margi Hennen Arrives!

I was so excited when Margi came through the door — it signaled that her doll making class was finally starting. She arrived in her usual style, with bright scarves blazing, and arm in arm with the equally amazing Janet Bolton. (Patchwork Folk Art: Using Appliqué & Quilting Techniques is one of the books I purchased at the Vendor’s Mall for Gathering Threads.)

Margi Hennen and Janet Bolton arrive at Gathering Threads in London, Ontario

I could go on and on about this class (as those who have read my posts know I am very capable of doing) but let me just say that I met 10 generous and creative classmates, and Margi did NOT disappoint. She INSPIRED.

I’ll try to add more info after I catch up with my posts. For now, this is part of the poem Margi read to kickstart our time together. She likes to stimulate her students, at the beginning of each day’s class, with thought provoking readings.

Beware when you honor an artist. You are praising danger. You are holding out your hand to the dead and the unborn. You are counting on what cannot be counted. The poet’s measures serve anarchic joy. The story-teller tells one story: freedom. Above all beware of honoring women artists. For the housewife will fill the house with lions and in with the grandmother come bears, wild horses, great horned owls, coyotes. ………~ Ursula K. Le Guin

Do I need to tell you that my blood quickened almost instantaneously even before she had finished reading these words? Everything Ursula K. Le Guin has written is worth reading. She has penned a veritable banquet of delicious reads.

Embroidered banquet table at Gathering Threads

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