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Making Your Mark(s)

I am looking for ways to ‘limit’ my artwork.

I am doing that by analyzing the various techniques I employ, the materials I use, my design process. Even as I lie in bed at night, I am weighing, deciding. What really works for me–flows, gives me joy? What is a chore, and why? What materials have I purchased that, though utilized in amazing ways by others, simply languish on my art shelves? What skills do I need to learn or improve to continue in the direction of creating work that I consider successful?

My main goal is to make my own marks on my work even more personal. I have always enjoyed designing, but have employed, to some degree, texture sheets, stamps, and images made by others. I am determined that every mark on my pieces shall be my own, and only my own. I will create my own stamps–I already have a number of methods I have used in the past. I will make collagraphs as personal texture sheets, having first discovered this method at a printmaking course I took many years ago from a talented woman named Lucinda Jones. I will continue to paint and dye my own cloth and paper. I will utilize my papier mache skills to create small “inclusions” for my work. I will take more photographs to use as reference work.

It’s not that I haven’t done all this already–I just want to do it exclusively. That way, my voice and vision have no competition in my own work. It will be ALL mine, and that will feel very, very satisfying.

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