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Like A Fox After A Rabbit

Sometimes I ask myself WHY I am so compelled to create. I only have to catch a glimpse of a color, a texture, a shape, and I want to grab something, ANYTHING, and make some art, to follow that prompting like a fox after a rabbit.

Remember yesterday’s backgrounds? And the drawing of a face from the day before that?Today, I pulled them both into Photoshop Elements and played around with different opacities until I found a  few combinations I liked.

Red Mood

Red Mood 2

That is not all I did. I found areas I wasn’t happy with and redrew them. I changed some of the colours here and there. I adore a symbiosis of abstract art and figurative art. Now I want to print this out and stitch it ~ see where the red girl takes me.

When I started the drawing, I didn’t even know she was red.

Putting the figurative and abstract together makes me think of David Brady. I just need a small peek at one of his pieces and my whole system goes weak. I have to sit down, remind myself to breathe. In an article called The Figure Found (by Taura S. Mizrahi), Brady says:

I will generate things in the computer for the purpose of integrating them into traditional mediums,” comments Brady. Just as we insert information into and then extrapolate information from the computer, Brady uses it in much the same way with his art. He’ll scan something into it, pull it out, glue a piece of hair or part of a map on it, paint on it, scan it back in, pull it out and paint on it again. It’s a never-ending, constantly changing, trial-and-error process.

Isn’t it encouraging when you find someone whose process is so like your own? I once actually believed a “real” artist made a painting in one go, whereas I was all over the place, with layers, and added collage pieces, and ugly stages. I relate perfectly to a constantly changing, trial-and-error process. In fact, I’ve come to revel in it!

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