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Life wants to be juicy

“Sometimes the world speaks to us unbidden, if we have the ears to hear it.”

I heard that line on a show called Recreating Eden, on  July 30, 2008. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the name of the person to attribute it to. But I agree with the gist: it’s all about surprise, being open to surprise and joy, cultivating a willingness to experience them, fully. I am always listening for the messages that the world, or life, is speaking. I will not pretend that I receive full blown “answers.” Directions, indications, would be  more accurate terms for what comes to me; and as I follow, step by step, some answers do unfold in time. JOY, for instance. It is one of the biggest answers I’ve obtained. I am to seek it in all things.

Life wants to be juicy. Our human bodies are 70% water. Around 70% of the earth is covered with ocean.

To my mind, joy is juicy and misery is dry, dry, dry. So go for the juice, insist on being joyful, strive to feel good. A way of taking my own advice is to make art. It’s how I respond to the messages I manage to hear. It’s my way of dialoguing with life.

Amulet bag 2: cotton, embroidered, beaded, with crocheted accents

Closeup of bag under top flap: extra flap with button to prevent loss of valuables

“Music is purposeless play, an affirmation of life, not an attempt to bring order out of chaos nor to suggest improvements in creation, but simply a way of waking up to the very life we’re living.”  ~John Cage

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