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  • Carol Wiebe

Let’s Party

I am learning Lightroom to organize my photos. I am using, and learning, Pages to create the templates for my eBooks  and Keynote to prepare presentations, along with Photoshop Elements. Soon, I hope to design a website, with iWeb. It is taking shape in my mind. You can do some very neat stuff with computers even if you cannot navigate anywhere close to the borders of Geekdom.

I am also writing a magazine article, and finishing up 3 paper quilts and 6 art journals (#7 was recently completed).

I am incredibly grateful that I have such a stimulating and satisfying array of artful activities to perform. They are a labor of love. My life is rich and full ~ full to overflowing ~ with many outlets for my creativity. It is exhilarating to realize that every step builds towards the next, as I make art, write about it, and share what I did and how I did it. It’s like putting together scaffolding which eventually allows me to leap a tall building (or design roadblock). It’s great fun to figure out ways to communicate all that I assimilate, and to welcome those who are drawn to what I have to offer.

It is inconsequential that I am hardly a “professional” programmer or using high end programs. What matters is that I am coming up with methods that work for me, that help me articulate what I want to express. If they also provide some direction for others to express their own ideas, I call that a cause for celebration. They will then expand what they have gleaned from me, and share further. The teacher ~ student relationship is always reciprocal, as far as I’m concerned.

That’s how I like to party.

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