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Let’s Face It

The only way to improve your drawing is to draw.

I grab a magazine that came in the mail, or the newspaper, or even try to draw the people on TV (who don’t hold still for more than a few seconds).

I actually prefer the sketches and paintings that are more free than this one, quicker, less symmetrical. I paint, I use charcoal. Sometimes I do a cartoony style, sometimes I attempt a more realistic one. My absolute favorites are those that just emerge from my mind and brush in response to a strongly felt emotion, like this one.

I enjoy adding faces and figures to my work, so I practice to get better at creating them.

Quick Face Sketch

After drawing, I scan, and play some more on Photoshop Elements. I can raise and lower eyes, change lips, add hair, whatever. I’m still drawing, but I am now able to place things instead of having to erase and draw over. The layers make this possible. It’s great fun.

CWWOL 2011-05-21

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