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Learning is Finding Out What You Already Know

I JUST received a new Robert Genn Twice Weekly Letter. He has provided constant artistic encouragement since I subscribed to The Painter’s Keys a number of years ago. His letters are also rife with excellent tips, techniques, history and quotes. Today’s is entitled Just a Reminder, and here is a slice:

I’ve always had the same idea as the motivational writer Richard Bach: “Learning is finding out what you already know.” Time and again people write, “I knew that–thanks for reminding me.” Indeed, recent studies show that regular reminders, particularly by email, can change lives. According to a study published in the June issue of American Journal of Preventive Medicine, simple reminders to eat more healthfully or increase physical activity had a significant effect on recipients’ behavior.

For those of us sitting at our computers and blogging away, that is a significant incentive: we can change lives! Providing examples of creative individuals, sharing my own art journey, discussing and (hopefully) dialoguing with readers about ways to spark new ideas and overcome obstacles~have certainly changed at least one life significantly. My own!

This next piece had the effect of showing me something I already knew. The pieces that speak to me most deeply always do that. A strong emotion accompanies both the creating and later viewings of such pieces. I have to sit with them for some time  and wait for the emotion to subside in order to begin to decipher what they are telling me.

I also appreciate the insights or even just impressions that others share with me about my art:  it is another enlightening factor in the translation process.

Pod~by Carol Wiebe

The sacred trinity is so rich: (1) body, mind, spirit (2) past, present, future (3) thought, word, deed (4) maiden, mother, crone (5) me, myself, I (6) father, son, holy ghost (7) mother, daughter, holy spirit.

A pod is a vessel, a receptacle of precious seed. Seeds signify possibilities. Every time we dare to hope or dream, another seed is planted. Note that the pod is broken open. How else can we plant seeds, other than by having the courage to reveal our inner selves ~ the rich, dark ground from which those seeds may sprout and blossom?

Collage Painting (acrylic paint, collage, and stamping, scratching, flinging, finger brushing, rubbing, layering, laughing) 16″x 20″ wrapped canvas

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