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Kathyanne White and Sensual Surfaces

Kathyanne White is another one of those daring digital dynamos who is leading the way for the rest of us. She is fearless about feeding different substrates through her printer, and if you combine that venturesome attitude with her very inventive mind, the result is an impressive variety of sensual surfaces.

Kathyanne has been awarded a 2009 Artist Project Grant, by the Arizona Commission on the Arts for her “Expanding the Digital print to Uncommon Surfaces.”

She is a popular workshop leader. White will offer a four day, pre-conference workshop at the Surface Design Association’s Off the Grid Conference in June 2009. Other upcoming workshops are listed on her blog (I counted at least 4–Mountain Artist Guild; Art & Soul, Hampton VA; ArtFiberFest 2009; and an Internet workshop).

If you want to see her in action right now, she has produced a few Youtube videos you can watch, on printing and coating different substrates. The videos  should come with a warning:  Beware, this will cause cravings for more. You can also purchase White’s CD Book Inside Sensual Surfaces for $20 (US funds), along with an array of other products, including image collections (royalty free) and fabric.

I am sure you have realized, by now, that I am not using hyperbole when I describe Kathyanne as a dynamo. As she expresses it herself:

My work is about opening up and going forward with the wealth of possibilities that flow from within. The process of exploration leads me on unpredictable journeys.

Kathyanne White  has demonstrated a very deep and rich “within.” She also possesses the energy and commitment to manifest the possibilities she envisions. But don’t be worried that you will not be able to keep up; she is also a patient teacher. Her immediate response, upon receiving the Arizona Artist Project Grant, aptly illustrates her generous personality:

There are so many ideas rolling around in my head about where I want to spend my energies in this entire process. I have no idea where this will go, but one thing I am sure of is that I will be sharing all my techniques so that others can learn from what I learn.

Thanks, Kathyanne! I, for one, am always eager to look you up and preview what you are sharing now!

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