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As a girl I loved kaleidoscopes.

I still do. Except now I can take a photo of anything and use Photoshop Elements as my kaleidoscope.

I seem to have an endless appetite for seeing how many different variations I can create out of one or two images. It gets so complicated, as the images pile up and I name them, that often I can’t tell what the original image was. I try to keep the related images in one folder, but after thousands of images, and saving to different places, things gets confused.

Which doesn’t really matter. It’s creating the images that matters, and finding the gems here and there. I learn and see something new with every image I create.

Today, I started out with this image (which was derived from part of a painting that I had already altered, digitally):

In the green

Japan’s horrific earthquake and tsunami experience is still on my mind, as the titles of the next four images attest. The exploding nuclear power plant makes the centre light burst in each image feel a little sinister.

Fortunately, they also look like designs one could see in a kaleidoscope, which allows more positive associations.

Epicentre 1

Epicentre 2

Epicentre 3

Epicentre 4

Tomorrow I’ll show you a few more results from this Photoshop session.

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