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Just Because They’re Small Doesn’t Mean They Lack Power

Here are a few perfect examples of why I am so attracted to Jeane‘s paintings:

Untitled ~ by Jeane Myers

Untitled ~ by Jeane Myers

Jeane sent a post from Southampton, where she is artist in residence for May 2010, to her blog, saying “I just wanted to stop and say hello and pop up a couple little paintings to give you an idea of the work I’ve been doing.”

Those little paintings had a profound effect on me, especially the first one. In it, I see my small and broken self, the one that sometimes emerges when I am feeling vulnerable or powerless. The misshapen face speaks to me of loving and cherishing my imperfections. The fabric pieces seem to be trying to bind the rips and holes of life, which is an admirable but futile way to live. It is not possible to cover so many. And those wounds and scars have a certain beauty. Why try to hide or erase them? They belong on the maps of our lives ~ integral parts of who we are, now.

I also have a thing for ears, and that first figure has one darling little ear that doesn’t “match” the other one.

I decided to try and paint one of these lovely, ethereal figures that affect me so deeply. I took out one of my handmade art books and started to paint. No-one ever needs to know I’m trying to copy emulate Jeane, I thought. I just want to understand what is going on here.

I was not able to do it. Your style is demonstrably safe from me, Jeane. Although, if I don’t stop seeing these figures in my inner eye, they may just pop into a future painting, unawares! It’s the trying to do it that doesn’t cut the mustard.

This is what I did paint. I have some inside stories that are begging to be told, apparently. A number of them involve a redhead.

Do you care to wade in and interpret this “dream image?”

I’m all ears.

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