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Julianne Has Said It For Me

There’s no need for me to say anything, today. Julianne has said it for me.

She is an oil painter and I use acrylics. She is an art teacher, and I am “life taught.” (This seems more accurate than “self taught.”) But that feeling she describes of “just being” and an enveloping sense of oneness?

I know that.

Go to her site and read about how hard she is working towards her dream of becoming a full time artist. She emphasizes the term “working,” and describes those palpable symptoms of resistance when the pace of pushing her dream into waking life becomes too frenetic to be borne.

I know that, too.

The still, small voice; the higher self, the raison dêtre, the creative imperative~reveal the dream. So why is it that attempting to follow the dream, which seems so authentic, so real, so utterly necessary to our being, can induce serious mental and physical symptoms of stress? Is this really the place we are “meant to be?” The way we are meant to work?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of online coaches, teachers, gurus~all proclaiming the necessary steps creative people MUST take to become known, to sell their work, to be successful.

How do we sift through the cacophony? This much I know: all that noise can drown out the “still small voice” if we do not insist, for ourselves, on periods of rest and renewal. Julianne mentioned choice, and that is key. We can choose what we listen to.

Julianne, thank you for reminding us how important it is to acknowledge when we are out of balance. I admire the fact that you’ve made the choice to avoid participating in the promotional frenzy that is our modern Internet. I am intentionally broadcasting energy towards you that you may detect as part of that “wonderful hum” you spoke about with your husband.

I want to hear it, too. I guess I’ll have to stop and listen.

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