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Join Me For OPEN BOOK At the Wellington County Museum

Join me for my class at the Wellington County Museum ~ July 23-27, 2012 ~ which I titled Open Book for the Altered Ego.

Artists are altering everything else these days, so why not the ego?

This altered ego will encompass all those qualities which we want to express, but must deal with our egos (who love to tell us what we can’t do) first. We will actually create our own shaped book canvases, and use extreme texture with found  and created objects, words, paint, clay, and whatever else it takes to get the job done. (Did I say job? I meant FUN of course. Housework is a job.)

Wellington County Museum has a pdf of the summer brochure, just hot off the press. As my class description says,

Create books that are meant to “stay open,” to celebrate and display altered egos ~ relatively safe vehicles for expressing topics that stir us.

Notice I said relatively safe. Who wants a totally safe class?

I am very excited about the concept, and the samples I am developing for this class. I anticipate a class of experimentation fuelled by spirited discussion, laughter, insights. Dozens of evolving books should spill from our thoughts and hands.

I sure hope to see you there!

I created this 3 page "book" in preparation for my upcoming class. This base is now ready to paint and embellish.

Wellington County Museum & Archives 0536 Wellington Road 18, RR# 1 Fergus ON N1M 2W3 Tel:(519)846-0916 ext: 5221 1-800-663-0750 Fax: (519)846-9630

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