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Jessica Wesolek Poses Some Important Questions

At least they certainly interest me! Join in the discussion. You will not be sorry if you connect up with Jessica. She is an experienced, thoughtful artist who offers amazing online classes and blogs about  everything from art supplies and cameras to other artists and her own love life (you read that right).

If the discussion link doesn’t work for you, you may have to subscribe first.

Jessica (and I) want to know your answers to questions about art workshops:

  1. Have you attended as a student? As a teacher?

  2. What was wonderful about the experience? What was not?

  3. Were workshops you took process or project oriented? Which approach do you like better?

  4. What qualifications does someone need to have, in your opinion, to be a “teacher” of these workshops?

  5. Did you go home and repeat the project or process? Did you continue to practice what you learned? Or forget all about it?

  1. Are you glad you went?

GREAT questions, aren’t they? I’m thinking about my answers and hope you are, too. We can all put our collective heads together and make art workshops better, or even better (you know the distinction I’m talking about).

Thanks, Jessica.

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