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Jan 16 2011

I am still stitching the 2 new journal pages, but I did create a few more digital works out of that shadow of the light fixture. I’m like a dog with a bone ~ can’t seem to let go!

You can see where this one came from. The largest version looks like felt.

The light fixture is quite apparent, here:

Light Flower Mandala

I am on a quest for the perfect journal page (for my way of working). It must be very textured, attach to the next page in such a way that it turns fluidly, be able to support all the layers I paint before I discover what it is trying to say  to me, and not stick to subsequent pages.

I’m sure I’ll think of other criteria as soon as I put the computer to sleep.

#lightfixture #perfectjournalpage #felt #shadows #digital

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