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It takes a lot of layers for me to finish a painting

I can see how painting with Yupo is going to aid the loosening up process. I paint pretty loosely most of the time, but then I like to tighten things up in Photoshop Elements. Perhaps too much. I have to decide for myself how loose or tight I want to be, because I paint for me.

There’s a poem in there.

For instance, yesterday’s painting in progress got the Photoshop treatment . . .

and ended up like this. Of course, it only looks like that in the digital universe. The actual painting is still the same until I get a chance to put actual paint on it.

Perchance to Dream

In a way, it doesn’t matter if this stage of my work is “tight” because I will print it off and treat it to stitch, more paint, and heaven knows what else.

It takes a lot of layers for me to finish a painting.

I do know that I will have to learn how to paint with watercolour paints if I want to paint on Yupo ~ they interact so well, and rub off much better than fluid acrylics or acrylic ink. There is never an end to learning with art. Art keeps grabbing you by the heart and inviting you to follow its lead.

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