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  • Carol Wiebe

It’s Never Just Black & White

Along with yesterday’s iPad sketch of a girl, I did some more e-pastel work.

Pink/Peach Pastel

Blending colors on the iPad, in i-Pastel leaves you with an image that looks more blurry than blended.

I revved up the saturation and added a little posterization to come up with this:

Red/Turquoise Version

I quite like a black and white version:

Black and White Version

All these different versions can be used in my art making process of creating papers, then stitching, tearing, ripping, over painting (with real paint), and collaging the results onto a background.

These are just some of the techniques I utilize for working with papers. Mmy only “rule” is that they come from me: my hand, my camera, my observations.

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