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It’s Complicated

How often have you heard that phrase used as an answer to your question?

And what does it mean?

The statement is ambiguous ~if not downright misleading, cryptic, and often an excuse to avoid explaining something that could be incriminating.

I prefer “I’d rather not talk about it” or “That is really none of your business” to “It’s complicated.” They are more truthful.

If it is someone who deserves to know, how about “I want to try and explain this to you, but need more time to adequately do so than we have at present. Can we make a date to discuss this at length?” If the time is right, then sit down and communicate ~ as truthfully as you are able.

And as simply.

I am not saying things are not complicated, only that merely stating the obvious is not an excuse for failing to explain what is happening to someone who deserves to know.

It's Complicated

I never go straight to the point if I can go the most difficult way. Why be simple when you can be complicated? ………….~ Kristin Scott Thomas

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