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It Really Doesn’t Matter

It really doesn’t matter that the work I produce is not always profound and amazing and worthy of hanging in a gallery.

What does matter is that I am doing it. I am learning how to make better art (closer to my vision) and constantly discovering what I have inside myself. That IS profound and amazing.

Life is precious and short. What I choose to listen to, and do, is important. It determines what I am evolving into. This means, in my philosophy, that something about each and every thing I do has a message for me.

So I try to be as conscious as I can, as aware as I am able, as honest as my courage allows me to be.

I took the silver dollars, which I thought looked rather like they were on a trellis consisting of shadows, and made that effect even more pronounced.

Silver Dollars

Trellis (green)

Trellis (violet)

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