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It Is Written

I am starting a new art journal, and have the first few pages under way. The application of collage and paint to a paper surface continues to fascinate me. There is a hypnotizing quality to the colors and images that emerge, and I feel as if I could just keep painting forever.

Of course, other things intervene. One must cook, eat, brush teeth, sleep, comb hair, walk on the elliptical trainer.  Making art ALL THE TIME does not appear to be possible, even though I do not buy into that “too much of a good thing” nonsense.

I also spend a great amount of time and energy putting what I have learned into a form that can be shared with others, because it is so satisfying to watch someone else take a creative cue and expand it in new directions, according to their own nature and specific talents. Others have certainly done that for me.

I only used 2 colors on these pages ~ except for a bit of white.  Oh, and my last and favorite 2 page spread received another color; a reward for providing me with the name for the book that holds them all between its covers. The words on the female figure spoke to me: “It is written.”

dps 01-1

dps 02-1

dps 031-1

dps 04-1

dps 05-1

Another layer (or two) have already been added and are drying as I write.

Tomorrow Soon, I’ll post the changes.

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