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Invoking Clarity

With the full power of the moon behind her, this woman invokes clarity.

But clarity does not necessarily arrive quickly, in an easily discernible package, hovering just above our gaze before wrapping us in its bright tendrils.

Rather, we piece all the various small revelations together, and begin to fathom a more spacious vision with each shining quilt, painting or poem that we “complete.”

Perhaps “completion” is not the direction we want to move towards, with its suggestion of closure.

What we really seek is a perpetual opening, a ceaseless unfolding, until we become so expansive that everything else is part of us, and we of it.

Invoking Clarity ~ by Carol Wiebe


Side view

#painting #moon #expansive #collage #completion #birchsolidwoodpanel #opening #clarity #acrylic #unfolding

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