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Inner Exercise

When I am looking for a specific object, I limit my gaze to my surroundings, usually within my hands’ reach.

When I need to get to a specific place, I limit my gaze to the horizon, or perhaps the map in front of me. (Or a Garmin, which talks to me and figures out how I can get where I want to go.)

But when I am searching for answers, I either close my eyes, or gaze upward, as if guidance is to be found inside myself, or out in the cosmos.

Those two locations actually seem connected, perhaps by some mystical conduit, because I sense a palpable energy flowing through me when I consciously try to see and feel them linking together.

It all sounds a little crazy, to some, but practicing this kind of energy flow sure beats the heck out of worrying and fretting.

Call it Inner Exercise, or innercise

Reaching Up

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