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Incendiary Messages


“C’mon baby, light my fire.”

Remember that line?  Light My Fire, The Doors, 1966.

Do you also remember when you thought it was your job to light other people’s fires? Maybe you still do.

Passion is hard to fake. When you try to light the fires you are instructed to light, (under)paid to light, they are often pitiful little flames, birthday candle size, easily snuffed out. Your fire turns to embers, then ashes.

Light your own fires, I say. Play your own games. Revel in your own passion. Passion and creativity walk hand in hand: they are lovers, they are symbiotic. They are fire starters.


Use your passion to light bonfires of creativity.  Warm yourself, welcome those who are drawn to the glow. Bring out the hotdogs, the marshmallows. Hold sticks to the flames until they glow red and write incendiary messages in the air:


I am consumed by 





Fire Door

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