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If You Think Color is Sweet, Check Out this Shop Full of Eye Candy!

Colour Lovers is a virtual feast of colour, palettes and patterns. Much of it is downloadable. At this posting, there are 162,765 Lovers (that would be Colour Lovers) sharing 1,638,930 Colors in 652,541 Palettes. That’s quite an array of choices. If you are working on some artwork and your color combinations lack the panache you want, do a color search!

A recent post featured turquoise, which never fails to grab my attention. Apparently it is the color that represents water, “so it is no wonder why it is said to be the color of the water sign Pisces.” Well, well. I am a Pisces. I do not feel a need, however, to justify my love for any color, least of all, turquoise. It is simply supremely gorgeous and I adore it. End of discussion.

And what colors are being featured today? A lot of red and green, of course, along with some vintage wrapping paper and Santa illustrations.

Early Santa Illustrations by Thomas Nast (taken from the ColourLovers site)

I often take a serendipitous route when making colour choices. Let’s say my predominant color is a blue green. I bring Google up on my brower, type blue green into the search string, and choose Images. Voila! Another favorite ploy is to simply search for flowers, tropical fish, or decorating sites. They have all kinds of wonderful combinations to entice and inform the color senses.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS ! And if you are looking for a “special something” at the last moment, give someone a gift certificate for KIVA! (Actually, it would be appropriate for any occasion!)

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