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If Angels Can Fall

I love to play, to represent feelings and ideas in different ways. In this trio, I started with an abstract I called “Fall.I then quickly sketched in a figure “falling,” using the animation capabilities of Procreate. (Notice the stars have fallen also.)

Finally, I watched a presentation about lettering, and tried my hand at creating a lettered image, using the haiku written for the original image. The “flowers” in this image are imaginary. The shape and colors of those blooms come from the original “Fall” image as well.

I am pleased with the fact that the original and the lettered pieces are so different, as if representing varied possibilities for dealing with falling. We can fall physically. We can fall spiritually. The former, along with the animation, suggests both. The lettering piece proposes that perhaps we would be wise to take heed of this “danger” in order to transform our odds. There is the warning that even angels are subject to a fall, but the angel on the image has arms outstretched, ready to catch us in our folly. That is, at least, the hope.

If angels can fall

We must transform daunting odds

Or lose our footing

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