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  • Carol Wiebe

I Won’t Stop Now

I’m always happy when I complete another stitched piece. I also feel a little trepidation , knowing that after many hours of hand stitching, I am now going to add paint on top of those stitches. However, I have learned so much from every painted-stitched-painted piece I’ve done so far, and I won’t stop now.

A Faulty Construct ~ stitched

This is actually the painting A Faulty Construct 2, and you may have noticed that this piece has holes along one side. I plan to add this to a binder journal. I have a binder made of kraft paper that I will collage and paint. It’s another way of making an art book/ journal that I am exploring for my Art Book Adventure workshop.

#journal #Artbook #painted #workshops #stitched #wontstopnow

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