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I’ve Resurfaced: 28 Small Quilts Later . . .

Wow! In my last blog entry I said I had been inspired to do some small works (well, smaller than my usual) and I’ve been doing that for about 6 weeks now! So here I am, coming up for air. Obviously, I am hard pressed to write and work at the same time! I get so INVOLVED that I literally do little else. But I must say that those who recommend creating a large number of small works as quickly as you can are on to something: you experiment and improvise so rapidly. None of these are completely finished–I still need to put on the sleeves and hanging rods. I may still add a few beads, buttons, and so on.

All the quilts I am presently designing and constructing are fabric and paper on a felt backing. I use images from my own paintings and photographs. I use both hand and machine stitching. I employ paint, gesso, and acrylic mediums on my own hand painted fabrics.

I am showing 4 of the 28 small quilts I have in various states of completion. All are basted together, but I never know what the muse will ask me to add or do next to complete a piece. I’m trying to stop composing more so I can finish them completely! The process is exhilarating!


Contemplation 19.5 ” x 8″



The Shine of Water 7″x 3″


Wings of Dawn 21.5″ x 9″

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