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I’ve Joined the Open Studios Event!

Cate Prato announced on her blog, which is part of Quilting Arts:

The theme of the Fall 2009 issue of Studios is Open Studios, so we’re kicking it off with a virtual tour, and you’re invited to participate.

The tour takes place on October 3, 2009. I  like the concept of seeing all these studios online, and having my studio be part of it. Stop by and see my pics (or maybe a video if I can get my act together. I must say that a cold sore the size of a red rose on the side of my nose is NOT making that likely to happen. I suppose I could pretend I was doing the Tango).

We’ll be able to take a peak at studios from here, to there, and everywhere . . . while relaxing in the comfort of our own homes. Stock up on your favorite munchies, grab a drink and ENJOY!

Don’t worry, more photos are coming !

Are you up for a virtual MACARENA? (Some things will never go away.)

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