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I’m So Glad I Chose WordPress

Here is Matt Mullenweg‘s 2010 State of the Word speech at Word-camp San Francisco. As  the WordPress Blog tells you, Matt’s speech is “jam-packed with information on the growth of WordPress, 3.0, what we’re planning for the future, and the philosophy of WordPress.”

And while I am promoting WordPress, I heard about the The WordPress Lady from Tara Reid. Hey, if Kim Beasley (aka The WordPress Lady) has impressed Tara, who am I to argue!

I appreciate Lorelle‘s approach to WordPress: she gives you lots of WP info, but spices it up with personal stories as well. Her tagline reads:

Helping you learn more about blogging and WordPress every day with help, tips, advice, and techniques for blogging and using WordPress and The blogging help you need. Now.

Blog Themes Plus offers 57 of the Best WordPress Resources.

WordPress is my blogging platform and soon to be web site platform of choice. I am nowhere close to being a geek.  However, I persist at trying to learn what I think I need to know in order to keep growing as an artist on the Web, and I really feel WordPress is there for me. They answer queries quickly, and don’t make you feel like an idiot if you are in a panic because your fonts have gone crazy or none of your images are showing up. So far, I have had a number of fast solutions to any anomalies that have occurred.

I say anomalies, because the problems have been few and far between over a number of years. That’s impressive, don’t you agree?

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