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I’m jumping back in the game,

right now, right here.

I took a FULL year to let retirement sink into my bones, to think about what I wanted to do next. I wasn’t sure I wanted my art life to be public anymore, but a number of different “encouragements” convinced me otherwise.

Not that I have been doing nothing, art wise, for a year. I might as well decide to stop breathing. I just haven’t shared any of it, or paid much attention to anything other than my own inner urgings, thoughts, and emotions around it. There were a few things we had to clear up between us, Art and I.

I’ll be sharing soon, showing the direction I’m heading. Maybe I’ll reveal some of my experimentation of this last year.

Like paper and thread jewellery, for instance.


If you followed me at one time, please be advised that I am going back to my home, Silverspring Studio. It feels right. I am not going to post in several blogs. I’ve said before, I’m a monogamous blogger.

Websites are another story (wink, grin).

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