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I Heard the Angels

I think Leonard Cohen writes like an angel. And he apparently hears them.

Dark Angel

His words move me, because they are so raw and honest. And at the same time as the lyrics seem to convey utter despair over one thing or another (usually having to do with the tricky aspects of love), they somehow make me feel hopeful about the world.

I don’t know how he does it, but I am grateful he does.

I walked into this empty church I had no place else to go When the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard, whispered to my soul I don’t need to be forgiven for loving you so much It’s written in the scriptures, it’s written there in blood I even heard the angels declare it from above There ain’t no cure, there ain’t no cure, there ain’t no cure for love. ……………..~ Leonard Cohen (from Ain’t No Cure For Love)

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