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  • Carol Wiebe

I Didn’t Know I Was Such a Grid Girl

Grids and circles, circles and grids. When I go to paint, that’s what I do.

Perhaps it’s reflecting my life right now, which seems to be caught in a grid of someone else’s manufacturing. This is a common dilema throughout my life: trying to shape myself to fit someone else’s grid. That’s employment, in a nutshell. I’m so not a grid girl. Maybe all the circles represent my attempt to reassert myself, push through the grid, let the restrictions fall away. I don’t have to succumb.

I hope you’re laughing. I just burst into it (a good, circular kind of thing to do). Is any of this true? Excuse me while I go and cogitate for a while.

Knock Four Times

I like what’s happening on the edges (peripheries are my favoured hangouts). A kind of calligraphic thing is attempting to break loose at the bottom edge.

Excuse me while I go and cogitate some more.

#assert #circular #peripheries #reassertmyself #succumb #grid #circles #CWWOL20110421 #employment #cogitate

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