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I Am DREAMING About Xs and Os Now!

I woke up with fleeting visions of Xs on O fields and Os on X fields and leaped to my computer to try and capture at least a sense of those graphic dreams.

Here are a few examples:

Black X on O page ~ © Carol Wiebe

Other associations are coming to me as well: a treasure map, for instance. X marks the spot. What kind of treasures are these images releasing in my consciousness.

When I look at the bleeding X, I think of X-rated. Movies with a certain degree of violence are considered X rated. What should be x rated is doing violence to ourselves by refusing to believe in ourselves. We become expatriates from our own inner realms, divided from who we really are, from all that we could become.

This just keeps going deeper and deeper.

#X #movies #expatriates #becoming #xrated #O

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