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I also play the shell game

Julianne’s comments are “off,” so I will tell you, here, how stimulated I was by her post “Shell Game.”

Julianne’s lifelong shell collecting has changed from seeking “perfect specimens” to those that are “broken” (thus able to reveal more of their interior), or studded with barnacles and stones.

Perhaps this shift in my vision is a natural factor of aging. That the reflected wrinkles on the face in the mirror may move me to look for beauty that is beyond the proscribed norm. Or it may be the urge, still strong from childhood, to discover the “what’s inside” of anything. I find mostly though, it’s the craving to experience. Everything.

I am with you, Julianne, in the exploration of EVERYTHING, perfect or imperfect. Imperfection is the route I am drawn to, because it reflects me back to myself and allows me the opportunity, over and over, to accept and forgive my own. The drive towards “perfection” is so futile, and often damaging to those who fool themselves into believing they can achieve it.

Notice that there is perfection in imperfection: right there in the word itself. That is not sleight of mind, in my experience, but a deep truth. Byron Katie would call it “Loving what is.”

Just loving what is.

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