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Hold On!

I am approaching this “financial crisis” as an opportunity for re-committing myself to what is most important in my life. I have been hearing the inner whisperings of pursuing a simpler, less cluttered lifestyle for some time, and that is definitely happening now.

But my main focus is on the riches in my life: my wonderful partner, my creative and intelligent children, my beautiful grandchildren, my amazing and talented friends, the art that brings me such joy. The spirit that is within me shines as brightly today as it did yesterday, if not brighter, and I look forward to following the path it lights before me. My life is full.  Fear, guilt, and blame are only as strong as the energy I give them. Why would I even glance in their direction when I have the fantastic view of all the riches I just described?

Keep your eyes on the prize, hold on, hold on.

I already have that prize. So I am holding onto that pearl of great price (a whole necklace, actually), and letting the panic and fear dissolve around me like darkness when the light switch is turned on. And who turns on the switch? I do. Every time I feel swallowed by the dark, I look for the switch. The great thing is, I’m a lot faster at finding it than I once was, and art has a lot to do with that.

Robert Genn has some nice, concise advice:

Recessions are blessings. Historically, recessions and depressions have been times when “important” work gets made. Realistically, our financial outlay for equipment and art materials (unless your medium is gold) is relatively minor. In hard times artists need to get themselves as debt free as possible and invest in the joy of their vision.

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