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Here’s Some Dirt

No, it’s not dirt about somebody. It’s just plain dirt. I took this outside of Perth Hall, where the Gathering Threads Conference was.

If something catches my eye, and I have my camera on me, I take it. I did get a startled look from a passerby. That lets me know I’m on the right track.

The thing is , any photo can make a fabulous collage paper, help create a design or texture, or even be a color reference ~ any photo.

Patch of Dirt

Just look at the texture and color here: long stitches, short stitches, french knots or beads, gradations, bright bits of green. Beautiful.

More than a patch of dirt

Double your chances

Somewhere in the Middle

#design #dirt #pattern #CWWOL20110517c #collage #CWWOL20110517b #CWWOL20110517a #colorreference #gradations #CWWOL20110517d #texture

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