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Have You Bought Your Ticket?

Perhaps, this plane of existence we live on is just one of many. Does it excite you to think of alternate versions of you, living the dreams (or nightmares) that you could or would not? Or does it terrify you?

We live on very different planes of existence right here on Earth. Some are constantly involved in violence and misery, others in bliss and creativity. Is this a matter of accident or intention?

Is the universe benign, evil or indifferent?

I was attracted to Another Earth because it attempted to deal with some of these questions.

Other Plans on Other Planes 1

Other Plans on Other Planes 2

Someday, people may be buying tickets to visit alternate realities, and it won’t be a matter of belief at all.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. …………~Arthur C. Clarke

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