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Harvesting Your Dreams

I recently found a wonderful post by Leah over at Creative Every Day, where she interviews Robert Moss. I thought it was the perfect subject for her, as her art often looks like dreams captured on canvas.

I have read many books about dreams and dreaming, including those by Gayle DelaneyPatricia Garfield, Stephen LaBerge (Lucidity Institute), to mention a few, and enjoyed Robert Moss‘s Conscious Dreaming quite a number of years ago. I think I will have to read it again.

What, you may ask, do dreams have to do with art? Robert Moss experiences quite a direct connection, as he states in the interview with Leah:

My seven nonfiction books on dreaming and imagination have flowed almost seamlessly from my dreams. My dreams also give me scenes, plot ideas, characters and dialogue for my novels and sometimes the whole of a short story.

Moss has also written The Secret History of Dreaming, which one reviewer, Jo Harjo, describes as “an essential text” that “should be included alongside any study of human history or scientific inquiry.” Robert Moss, she continues, “is a brilliant teacher of the immense and intimate field of dreaming. Nearly anything imagined, from invention, to strategy to poetry, has its roots in dreams. Moss deftly and powerfully demonstrates that dreams are the spirit body from which this world emerges.”

What struck me most in the interview, however, was Moss’s description of “navigating your life by synchronicity”:

To harvest messages from dreams and coincidence, you need to develop a talent for resemblances – for noticing what looks like or sounds like something else. If you have an ear for puns, you’ll pick up messages in a dream that others may miss. If you have a playful sense that the universe is alive, and that unseen forces may be at play around you and with you – giving you a secret handshake, or mussing your hair, or sometimes pushing you back – then you’ll come alive to the great art of navigating by synchronicity.

This really struck a chord with me. I strive to constantly stay attuned to interpreting what is going on around me in a “symbolic” sense. I believe in a meaningful universe, which communicates with me (and everyone else) on a spiritual and energetic level. Every event contains symbolic information, which I learn to interpret as I practice listening with an open mind and heart. In a sense, I am treating my life as a waking dream, and applying the same sorts of tools that are used to decipher dreams harvested from the sleeping state.

It’s an exciting way to live. I can also attest that it provides vivid subject material for making art and writing poetry.

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