• Carol Wiebe

Hanging By a Thread


Remember when we were dating, and you told me we should take a break for a while? she said.

<His warning bells went off.  –Dangerous territory. Dangerous territory–>

Yes, he gulped, you were cool about it.

Not really, she admitted. I felt like my heart was hanging by a thread.

So why did you act so blasé ? He was curious now.

I didn’t want to admit how vulnerable I felt, in case you didn’t feel as strongly about our relationship. So why did you want to take a break, anyway? Once again, her tone sounded blasé, but he was lucky enough to notice a glistening around her eyes.

My feelings were so overwhelming, it scared me. He glanced up, hoping she wouldn’t think the truth sounded pathetically needy.

She smashed her lips against his.

Hanging By a Thread

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