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Grape Leaf Shadows

I was sitting on my front porch, a place that feeds my soul, and noticed that the grape leaves behind the rocking bench were casting beguiling patterns onto the cement.

I scurried inside to grab my camera, because you never know when a cloud will position itself in such a way that the place you have set your heart on photographing is no longer in amenable light.

Shadows thrill me: their graphic quality, the way they echo the “real thing,” their ability to simplify an object that has been rendered complex by colors and patterns ~ allowing you to perceive the outlines and thus the basic shapes.

I also started thinking about the fact that many concepts are like shadows when you are first introduced to them. You can only grasp the basic outlines. But persistence and interest allows more complex ideas to gain a foothold. Soon you will be skipping about with ease, happily grasping even subtler nuances as your perception adjusts itself to this fascinating new terrain.

Grape Leaf Shadows

A little Photoshop Elements fun produces Grape Leaf Mandala.

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