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Going Too Far


I have a new poem to share with you, Sophia announced, even before she sat down at the table.

For heaven’s sake, Sophia, can’t we just say hello and maybe look at the dessert menu? Mandy picked up the menu and pointedly buried her nose in it.

Alright, said Sophia. I’ll have a key lime pie.

That’s better. Mandy made her choice, and smiled at Sophia. Perhaps, for once, we can just sit and chat about inconsequential things.

Like what? Don’t you want to hear my poem? Sophia was puzzled.

No, if you want to know the truth. You are so intense, Sophia. There is always some exciting, amazing, phenomenal idea you want to go on at length about, and demand my responses to, and try to make me think so hard that all the fun goes out of our being together. Mandy stopped suddenly, aware that she may have gone too far.

Listen, Mandy, I think I’ll just forget the tea and pie. I need to be by myself for a while. Sophia rose, stuffing the paper with poetry scribbles into her coat pocket.

Mandy caught her hand. I’m sorry, Sophia. Really, I’m quite envious of your quick and active mind. After a few hours with you, I feel as if my batteries have been recharged, just being in the presence of all that energy.

Sophia sat down again, but she didn’t trust herself to speak. Finally, she raised her eyes and said, quite clearly, Mandy, if you cannot bear my being myself around you, there is little point in getting together. You may feel energized being around me, but right now I feel quite depleted.

Then she rose, again, and left the tearoom. Mandy sighed, and pulled out her cell phone.


Yesterdays image is stood on its head and becomes a whole new piece.

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