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Going Further and Deeper

I am completely enamored with how the different aspects of the art processes I engage in dovetail.

I take photos, and can print them out and use them as collage elements in both my paper quilts and my journals.

I can also play with them in Photoshop Elements, and produce unlimited numbers of design papers that are additional collage elements.

Both the photos and design papers can be stitched to make paper appliques, which I have applied to quilts, journals and collage paintings on wooden panels or wrapped canvas.

When I create a journal page or collage painting I am pleased with, photos of them also become design papers and the whole process starts again. Actually, it is getting harder and harder to see where one process stops and another begins. It’s more like a flow, where all the elements dance which each other and the art emerges.

It’s a beautiful thing, being immersed in that flow. I feel like a fish in the ocean, a witness to wondrous colors and shapes that keep seducing me into going further and deeper.

Pics are coming . . . soon  . . . it’s a matter of dragging myself away, or out, or up?

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