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Girl Power!

The grandkids were over for a six day visit, and Madeleine made a new friend with the granddaughter of our neighbors.

Madeleine wanted to “make something” out of fabric. I told her to keep it simple so that we could easily cut out and sew the pieces. This is her plan:

Madeleine's plan included no body. She only wanted a head.

As you can see, the plan was followed quite closely.

Madeleine's Girl Power Pillow

Madeleine’s friend, Evangeline, was only too happy to jump into the fun. She cut her pieces free hand.

Evangeline's Girl Power Pillow

The girls were quite proud of their little pillows, which will now take their place along with other pillows, and stuffed animals, on their beds.

The girls pose with their Girl Power Pillows

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