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Getting Stuck

Sometimes I get stuck in a certain groove.

I start with one painting or photo, and keep altering it over and over, trying different things in any number of ways.

What I call getting stuck (and I don’t mean that in a bad way), others call doing a series.

I have gone from that to this and now, after 50 tries or so, it has turned into the following:


Along the way I added a photo snapped in Photo Booth, on my Mac. You see, I can get myself to make any facial expression or gesture I need for a piece of art, as long as I am in the mood to co-operate (tee hee). Plus, a few handy moves in Photoshop Elements and all the trails of time are temporarily erased.

It’s quite a trip.

#series #stars #cooperate #trip #CWWOL20120518 #expressions #groove #stargazing #selfportrait

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