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Getting Into the Blues

I’ve been working through some things, making decisions while I paint design papers.

I kept these paintings quite monochromatic, deliberately limiting myself to blue (turquoise) paint, gesso, and a hand cut stamp.

Painting: Blue Texture

I’ve noticed on various monitors that the light blue area in Blue Texture does not show up very well. Here is a closeup.

Blue Texture Closeup

Painting: Blue Shells

Painting: Blue Square

Then I played with the images in Photoshop Elements and produced some design papers that I like very much:

Digital: Blue World DP1

Digital: Blue World DP2

Digital: Blue World DP3

Digital: Blue World DP3

Blue World DP4

Blue World DP4

Blue World DP5

Blue World DP5

#spiral #PhotoshopElements #shells #bluepaint #gesso #square #designpapers #handcutstamp

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