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Fran Skiles: with attitude

I confess, the title’s a bit misleading, like leaving out part of a newspaper headline. Maybe the heading says “Dog Attacks Passerby” when it should say “Dog Attacks Passerby After Passerby Kicked It In the Face.” One of those sin of omission things.

So, what am I leaving out?

Fran Skiles: with attitude while ironing. That totally explains it, right? Who wouldn’t have attitude while ironing! It’s a job I personally try to avoid if at all possible. It is really only because I have embraced mixed media quilting techniques that I iron at all! Fusibles require ironing. Cotton cloth requires ironing, especially if you do not want a fold line evident in every single piece. Hence, I iron.

I have no idea where Fran stands on the love (or hate) of ironing scale. That was not a burning issue we dealt with at her workshop (puns are not the lowest form of humor). I do have a relative who claims she loves to iron. It is fun, and satisfying, for her. But she enjoys housework, as well. Obviously, she and I inhabit different universes.

I’m eighteen years behind in my ironing. There’s no use doing it now, it doesn’t fit anybody I know. ~Phyllis Diller

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